Friday, 13 May 2016

Digital Immersion Day 12 - Create!

Today we had another Manaiakalani day, but today we shared it with all the new teachers to Manaiakalani as well. I found that awesome, as I got to work with some of my colleagues from Tamaki Primary who I normally don't. 

One of the things we discussed was the 


pedagogy that Manaiakalani holds, and in particular the CREATE part. 

We shared with our table groups our thoughts on it, and a few people seemed struck by what I had to share. I told my new friends about how during some of my planning, I realised that the lessons I wanted to do fitted better when I changed the learn-create-share pedagogy around. Some lessons started with create, some started with sharing, and finished with learning, some went back and forth and around and around. 

The point being, it is neither linear, nor cyclic. 
You don't have to do one then the other, nor do you have go 1-2-3-1-2-3 either.

It's more like a playground.. 

A playground has different types of things to do..

Things to slide, things to jump, things to climb, things to hang off of
(Things to learn, things to create, things to share)
But every time you enter that playground, you take a different path than the time before.
The experience is never the same. You don't often take the same path twice.
And when it becomes the same experience everyday, you're not really maximising your opportunity anymore and you might just need to change up your playground..

So, how will this affect my day as a teacher?

I need to loosen up a bit.. 
It is not learn-create-share. 
Learning is a playground, and I need to make the experience different for my learners every time, 

otherwise, why get on the playground in the first place?

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