Friday 27 May 2016

Digital Immersion - Day #14

Today we focused on making stop motion movies. 

A stop motion movie, is where you put together HEAPS of still photos and it creates a movie.
You take a photo, move the props ever so slightly, then take another photo.. again and again and again and again.

Stages of progress
1. Create a plan - what is going to happen?
2. Create your movie set
3. Set up camera on tripod
4. Start taking photos! (Keeping in mind that each photo will show for 0.1 seconds, so take it slow and take a lot of photos!)
5. Get photos off camera, onto laptop
6. Import files into iMovie
7. Edit, add sound effects, etc.
8. Remove photos with your hand in them... (whoops!)

I had a lot of photos where my fingertips stuck into the photo, so I had to go through my movie frame by frame and delete them, like these ones... 

That took a looong time haha. And unfortunately there was a 20 seconds (ish) section where I just couldn't edit it to get my hand out, nothing worked.

The movie I chose to make was made with trains I borrowed from my nephew. It is to show students how making a simple mistake, and doing nothing about it, can make it into a HUGE mistake and sometimes, a disaster, so we should always try to fix our little mistakes before they turn into big ones.

Details of my process..
Taking photos - 30 minutes
Getting photos onto laptop - 1 hour (there was alot of photos..)
Editing - 2 hours
Total number of photos used - 708

Here it is - hope you enjoy!


  1. I love the sound effects you have chosen - they work so well and support your video perfectly!! I will definitely be showing this to my class :)

  2. Great StopMotion animation Ashley. You can tell that you took a lot of photos to make the action smooth. I am sure your class will love it!

  3. This is such a cool idea, so simple but so effective! The music was suspenseful and made me want to know what was going to happen.

  4. Great video Ashley - I too am going to show this to some of my learners as I think the message is a really clear and powerful one that is conveyed in it!


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