Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The feels

This morning I was browsing through the 'shared with me' file on my Drive. I hardly ever look at this folder, as there a million and one things in there that I don't actually have to look at or know about, as everything that gets put onto the shared syndicate server goes there. 

I saw one really long piece of writing that one of my students had sent me, so decided to read it just out of curiosity.
Then my heart waned..

It was written by the newest student in my class, who only started school here two weeks ago. She was writing about her two best friends. 
As I scrolled down, I saw the comments on the side.

The comments are from her friend (one who she had written about), giving her feedback about her writing. 

"grace, you have to spell your words correctly. ask someone if they could help you spell your words correctly."
"grace you need to do capital letters at the beginning from when you do a full stop"
"you need to do spaces before you put the capital letter at the beginning of the full stop"

We have never done this in our class. I never showed the students how to share their work with each other. We have given each other feedback before, but not in this way. Nobody asked S to give her friend feedback. They just did it.. All on their own.. 
And they gave constructive feedback related to their writing goals - not talking about what they had for lunch or what tv shows they liked. 

These kids make me so proud.


  1. This is such a fabulous example of the power of digital technologies to enhance not just learning but social connections as well. I could go on about all the important curriculum, 21st century, social etc skills this captures - but you already know that!
    Wonderful, Ashley.

    1. Thanks Dorothy. Haha yes, the strengths become so obvious some times! Hope you are having a great time on your trip.

  2. Ashley I got "the feels" reading this - how sweet! What wonderful learners you have.


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