Friday 3 June 2016

Culturally responsive pedagogies (pt 4)

As part of our culturally responsive classroom, we tried to celebrate every language week that came along, including learning a song or dance from that culture which we could preform at assembly to share our learning with the school. Here are what we learnt!

For Samoan Language week

For Maori Language week in May

Some of our girls preforming a traditional Tongan dance at a staff members farewell assembly.

We will also learnt something for Tongan language week. As we have a student who is from Afghanistan, but there is no Afghani language week, at some point in time we will learn something from his culture as well so he feels included.


  1. Positive messages, acknowledgement and celebrations about various cultures, languages or backgrounds help children to develop pride in who they are. It is so important as it is needed to help children develop a strong sense of identity and belonging. I really like how you are aware of the various cultures/backgrounds within your classroom and you're actively making sure that ALL of them are acknowledged.

    1. Thank you Lesa. You have really been inspiring me lately to explicitly tell my students they are valued in all aspects. I love how you have put posters with this kind of message OUTSIDE your classroom door, so before the kids even come inside they know you care about them and what they bring with them. Go TPS!


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