Friday 3 June 2016

Digital Immersion - day #15

Today we had a special guest Matt Goodwin, who was part of the MDTA in the first cohort. He is now a third year teacher, and part of the Manaiakalani on Air programme. This is a programme where certain teachers make their teaching and learning more visible than ever - they upload their planning, video their teaching, and post links to what follow up the students are doing related to that lesson. It is designed to be an example of what that teachers teaching really looks like - not a put on display or a 'how to' session. 

We reviewed Matt's most recent lesson, where he took a reading lesson. 
We also gave Matt and Anne some feedback about the site that this programme lays on - layout, functionality etc. As it is a new programme, and only really viewed by other teachers, it was useful for them to get an outside perspective on their site. 

After lunch, we had Meredith Bean from Apple NZ in to teach us more about the Mac operating system that we all use as teachers, and answer any questions we may have had. It was very good to see the background settings of my Mac, as this is my first time using a Mac so I didn't know about all those extra features before. 

We went through how to change screen savers and set up hot corners, how to change your dock size and set up the genie effect, how to add or change languages, how to set up dictation/voice typing and much more. We talked a lot about how these things can make learning more accessible for learners; being able to change font size, colour, highlight colour, physical commands (e.g. two finger click, swiping to change screens etc). Although my learners use Chromebooks not Mac computers, so not all these features will be there, some are and so I can use some of them to make learning more accessible and specified for my learners.

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