Friday, 17 June 2016

Digital Immersion - day #17

Today we discussed interviewing ourselves as a reflection on the first 6 months being an MDTA.
We were given prompts to consider - 

  • Introduce yourself and your teaching context
  • Who are you as a teacher? (Brief description of your beliefs as an educator)
  • Why did you apply for the MDTA programme?
  • Describe the opportunities that have contributed to your learning so far e.g. enablers, digital immersion, university study, co-teaching, school, being part of a wider community of learning, growing your PLN.
  • How are you approaching challenges? (strategies, recommendations, support, collaboration)
  • Wrap up with a personal anecdote from your experiences so far this year and what you are looking forward to/next steps

I videoed my interview myself, and began editing the video, but needed footage from my school and of my students.
Whilst filming, I kept getting distracted, annoyed at myself, forgetting what I was saying, stuttering etc, which made editing very annoying! It was a lot harder than I thought it would be to interview yourself. Even writing the script, so I had some rough idea of where I was going, was conflicting and took over an hour.

Here is a bloopers real I made to show just how hard this process was..

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