Friday, 17 June 2016

Observation Reflections - literacy term 2

Each term we are observed by our Professional Development leaders, one each for maths and literacy. My observation in literacy this term went really well, much better than my term 1 observation.
Here is my feedback -

Things I had improved on from the term 1 observation -
-LI unpacked and referred back to throughout the lesson
-Explaining the purpose of the lesson - why is this important? (Students need to understand this and know it for themselves)
-use of modelling books/student held resources
-less teacher talk, more student 'doing'
-using terminology that students are familiar with (powerful words instead of 'adjectives')
Next steps
-teacher modelling of the writing
-scaffolding through new picture
-Co constructing SC with students
-Different types of planning format for different aims

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