Friday, 16 September 2016

Digital Immersion (Term 3, Week 8)

Today we are learning about Keynote.
This is essentially the same thing as Microsoft Powerpoint and Google Slides. 

Dorothy explained why even though we are 'Googlers' (aka GAFE users), we should know how to use Keynote because when you are presenting at conferences, other schools etc, you can't always trust the wifi (hence Google Slides is out, and since we are on Mac, we can't use PC products)

We spent a lot of time playing around with Keynote, exploring the many aspects it affords the user. Here are some things I made while playing around.
Using masks to shape images

Getting more advanced now...

(This is just a movie I had on my laptop pretending to be played on a laptop screen. In reality, the video is merely layered behind the photo of the laptop.)

My student Hope sharing her message of peace at an overseas temple. 
Again, this is just a photo of her sitting on top of a photo of a temple. 
It's all about layers!

To make an 'end product' to show, I found this photo of my student Hiria.

Then I cropped it, and used the Instant Alpha tool to remove the background. It left me with this image.
(Not perfect, but hey, still learning)

I then used keynote to take Hiria on a bike riding journey.
(Yes, the photo is a weird size on the page so you see a white bar at the top. I didn't want to spend hours and hours fixing every tiny thing when the purpose was just a play-around type activity). 

Keynote is definitely an awesome tool to use for animation and for presentations as well. It gives you WAAAAAY more options than Google Slides do, and Microsoft Powerpoint did as well. It can be used for green screening, animation, editing photos (ala Photoshop style). When being used for an actual presentation, you can pre-time the whole presentation so it autoplays, record audio and pre-time to make a self-running slideshow and much more. 
They are also bringing out an update which allows you to collaborate on Keynote as long as you have iCloud.

I'm not sure how often I would use Keynote to create animations as it was quite time consuming to create a 5 second video, but I would definitely use it more often for other purposes, such as creating unique blogger backgrounds, creating text and transferring it to iMovie or other platforms, and editing backgrounds out of photos.


  1. Your video is so cute! I love it. I agree that it was time consuming, and we probably wouldn't use it much for our teaching, but Keynote will be valuable for other things in the future for sure as you have alluded. I am sure Hiria will love this!

    1. Thank you Georgia :) I love your new blog background that you made on Keynote. When I eventually get around to doing that for myself, I'll ask you how to do cause I definitely am going to forget lol

  2. This is a very useful record of the different elements we experimented with today and I am pleased you were able to connect with ways using Keynote could be useful to you personally. As I mentioned, I have it open on my laptop most of the time so I can quickly create content on a sandbox slide that I can then use in other places - especially the online Sites, blogs, docs etc I am always working in.

    Your animation was most effective.

    1. Thank you Dorothy, the animation itself is a bit jumpy (I could have added more slides and moved Hiria less on each slide to fix this), but I thought for just playing around it worked fine. I actually used Keynote today to make a piece of text I wanted in a particular size format and added borders, colours etc that I wouldn't have been able to do in Slides, Docs etc. Keynote coming in handy already!


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