Thursday 22 September 2016

I made it through term 3!

This term has been absolutely, truly, out-right ridiculous.
 I have had an assignment for uni almost every fortnight. Throughout term 1 and 2 combined, we had one assignment. One. In term 3, we've had five. FIVE!! 
I literally haven't had a weekend the entire time.
I am exhausted.

But... I made it! (I think?)

I even managed to get improve my grades (when compared to the previous assignment) twice this term, going from an B- in term one (I know, so embarrassing!) to a B+ and finally an A-. I literally cried in the middle of my lecture when I found that out. It's so nice to be acknowledged for the effort I have been putting into uni this term. Woohoo!

As I have done at the end of each term, I gave my students a survey to reflect on the term. 
The more they do these surveys, the better they get at filling them out. Overall, their answers were much more thoughtful and detailed than last terms answers. 

They are honest with themselves...

They were honest about my teaching..
(I love the two kids who said they knew I was always proud of them - yus! and p.s. zomdai = zumba)

And thoughtful about what I can do better at ...
(I had to laugh at the kid who said 'not grilling us') 

I added a few more questions, to increase their self-reflectiveness and also to satisfy my curiosity..

"Name two people who believe you can be successful that are at school".
This question came from something I was once told at a meeting, that the biggest difference to a childs' schooling can be put simply - can they name two adults at school who believe that they CAN be successful? If they can, their chances at success go up astronomically.

(I have to say, I'm very proud of this bit!)
My kids have been AMAZING this term, they truly have. All of them have worked so so so hard and learnt so much. I loved doing the science week. I loved using videos for writing. I loved learning about chess in reading (side-note - the kids still play everyday before school!). I loved seeing them happy to be at school (even the rascals come in super early and don't want to leave). They have made such huge shifts in their levels of achievement and I am so proud of them. There are a group of kids in the class, who in the past couple of weeks have really just clicked, and they just get it. These kids previously would sit, procrastinate, not finish their work etc, but now, write three or four page good quality stories in less than 15 minutes (like, what!?!?). They are motivated, producing amazing work and are excited about their learning. One kid said to me this morning "I like writing now" - as in, she didn't use to, and now she does. (Woohoo!). There is also a good sized chunk of my class who can solve Stage 6 maths questions (above the National Standard for year 4) and another chunk who are at Stage 5 (at the National Standard). They have shifted so much!

It has been a stressful, tear-filled, exciting, sometimes sleepless, exhausting term, 
it has been pretty damn great. 
Can't wait for term 4! 


  1. the results, the comments, the kids - the common point is you, keep driving. Bryce

  2. Super! That is why we all went teaching and you are experiencing it in your first year. What a head start...


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