Friday, 28 October 2016

Digital Immersion (Term 4, Week 3)

Today we spent quite a lot of time talking about, and making our own Class on Air sites.

Manaiakalanai Google Class on Air is an initiative that showcases how teachers teach using digital technology and its affordances. 
You can see one example here. The teacher films themselves and a group of students doing a particular lesson, and shares the video, the planning, a reflection and the student outcomes of said lesson. 

The idea behind this is to share pedagogy - it is not about 'watch me I'm the best', but more about check out what I am doing, take any ideas you want and give me your feedback in response. 

All the MDTA's were challenged to create a Class on Air episode. 
Before we could do this, we had to build the Class on Air site on which to put it.

When I record my session, I will share the work of these 5 students. I chose them because 3 of them are quite talkative, so will make a good video, and the other 2 need encouragement to talk more. Perfect match! 
The content I put in this page was about the treasure map, but when I do it properly I will do a guided reading or writing lesson with them.

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