Friday, 4 November 2016

Digital Immersion (Term 4, Week 4)

Today at Digital Immersion we focused on our PCT Sites.
I had stopped using my site months ago, almost like I had made this wonderful thing and fallen out of love with it. It just sat there, neglected.

I googled for inspiration, and had so many ideas however my friend and colleague Heath reminded me to keep it simple and not make it too hard for myself. 

I began with this image.

Then I just went to work, literally working for hours on my site. 

I will not link the site here, as it has private and confidential school documents and information within it that are collected as evidence of various aspects of my professional life, but I will share screenshots of it so you can see the design of it.

The home or 'landing' page

As you click through the bunting at the top, each page is slightly different, however keeps the navigation bunting.

This is the 'Professional Development' page.

This is the 'Goals & BT Meetings' page, with links to Google Docs containing the meeting minutes.

 This is the 'Inquiry' page. Each of these is a seperate doc which details the cycle of inquiry undertaken in that particular learning area/time.

This is the 'Observations' page. 

This is the 'Release Logs' page, with my document linked in.
 This is the PTC's. Each of these 12 criteria open up into a new page, each containing evidence for that criteria, reflections for that criteria, and a link to my blog label streams (note how within my labels I have PTC labels - e.g. PTC1 that you can click, and see every piece of evidence related to that criteria).

At the beginning of the day I hated my PTC Site, but now I rather like it and am quite happy with the bunting design I chose as it makes navigation very easy. The colour scheme is some of my favourite colours (the teal mainly) and I am so pleased we had today set aside to re-develop our sites. 

If any of my school colleagues reading this would like help with your PTC site, please let me know I am more than happy to help! :)

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  1. I am delighted to see that this day dedicated to your PCT site has worked out so well for you. I am sorry I missed it!
    Thanks for offering to support your peers.


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