Monday 16 January 2017

Summer School (Monday)

As part of the MDTA programme, we are completing our honours degree at the UoA.
Hence, we have summer school this week. The paper is called EDCURRIC720.

To start with, our lecturer Rena asked us to share a gem. Here is what we made.

We had to do a lot of readings before the course started, which was draining after being on holiday. We each had to present one of the readings to the rest of the class.
My reading was about growth mindsets, which we all already know about.

Here is the presentation I prepared which we collaborated on. 

As part of this, I also introduced my peers to Answer Garden, which is pretty much the same as Padlet, however I think it's better.

Each person presented their reading throughout the morning.

After lunch Rena talked us through these slides.

At the end of these slides, we went outside and took a photo of something that represents one particular learning theory. Check out what we came up with here.


  1. Thanks for sharing this.. It's like I was there.

  2. Thanks Ashley. I think you made Growth Mindsets ("which everyone knows about") come to life in your activity. Enjoy the rest of the week.


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