Thursday 19 January 2017

Summer School (Wednesday)

Yesterday Rena asked if we knew about SAMR, and I personally didn't.
So we talked a little about SAMR.

Substitution - when you use technology, but you don't need to. You can do it the same way without technology. E.g. answering questions on a Google Doc
Augmentation - technology does change the task slightly, and make it better. E.g. digital story boarding
Modification - When the task is hugely different from what it would be without technology.
Redefinition - Doing a task that could not be done without technology. E.g. Aurusma to view a poster, QR code to get more information.

Slide 9 provides examples of apps used in each way.

We did a cool activity where we had to record activities we had done with our class on a post it note, stick the post-it to a block, and use as many blocks as possible to build a tower.

Here is what my group created.

We also briefly talked about the ADDIE model, and the Carpe Diem model of learning design.
This is the carpe diem model, based on digital teaching and learning.


  1. You surprised me with your opening lines as I wondered how we could have omitted that in the MDTA sessions! Then I looked back through my calendar and realised it was a focus of the Manaiakalani staff meetings that we run in a number of schools - and I don't think TPS had us come in for staff meetings in 2016. I am pleased to got to connect with it.

    1. Ah that makes sense, yes I've heard the term SAMR thrown around a few times last year but I never actually knew what it meant. I didn't even know you guys ran staff meetings in the schools, what else have I missed out on eep!


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