Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Critical Buddies feedback

Today we shared our video and got critical feedback. 

Here is my feedback -


The rich maths vocabulary that you used.

More use of maths vocabulary during my own lessons when I teach maths e.g. imaging.
Sitting with the students at same level

‘Prove it” - having students in charge of explaining it and reasoning it themselves is a great way to confirm learning.

The way you relate the lesson to prior knoweldge (magic number)
Having students sitting like that is great as a way of seeing who is following along and understanding

Great having students explain it in their own words

Using the language: Imaging - so great - it helps the students know the expected strategies and how they can use them.

Really cool that students can articulate to you about imaging and materials.

Having students write their own understanding and strategies is awesome - great autonomy and opportunity to explain their understanding.

Could have more interaction between the students

They could write out questions for other maths groups - this could give them the opportunity to feel like experts and show ‘ako’. Even though they are the lower students it gives them esteem and will help remind other students.  
The autonomy you give the students is amazing.

How you had them all showing their understanding ‘in their own way’

Using language such as imaging and materials is awesome - helps the students to know where they are in their learning and great for student voice.
Students showing and proving using the material

Students understanding of tenths and hundredths is good.

Students understand what one whole looks like as material

Like the way students could explain their understanding

Adding numbers is leading the students into tidy numbers. - Stage 6 addition facts can be taught easily to these students as they have the knowledge for it.

Students could be buddied up to explain and teach when someone did not get
. It would not have been possible to understand the concept of decimals without material. But I am impressed the way you are trying to wean them out of material to imaging.

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