Monday 6 March 2017

Interlead - PD (TOD)

Today we have a teacher only day at school and we are learning about a programme called Interlead, which we will be using for our appraisal process throughout the school.

peda=child, gogy=lead

The method and practice of teaching adult learners; adult education.

Teaching children is not the same as teaching adults. Appraisal has become a thing that is 'done to' teachers, where they are tested and treated like children. Interlead fosters a 'done with', high trust model by using the andragogy thinking model.

Bring a learning mindset!

Next we were asked to reflect on the appraisals we have been a part of. As this is my first teaching job, I only have one set of appraisals to draw from (i.e. from last year). This then made me reflect on my previous job, and the appraisals that happened there. As I wasn't very high up on the ladder, I didn't have a formal appraisal. What I did have, in hindsight, was even better. My immediate boss always aware of what I was doing and my capabilities, but when he felt I was ready he always offered me new challenges and new ways to take on small responsibilities. This along-side guidance is far better in my opinion than a once-a-year check-in where the manager is still in the position of power, essentially handing out judgements. 
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Teaching practice  professional practice

 Michael Fullan, the worlds leading education thinker, encourages that educators need to be constantly changing to be good educators.

HC = human capital.
SC = social capital - challenging and supportive each other to be better. 
DC =  Decision-making Capital.

PC = f(HC, SC, DC)
E.g. PC = 1x1x0   is still 0
If you have two, but not the third, you have no PC. You must have all three.

The PTC's are not a check-list, they should be used to back-map what you are already doing. PTC/Evidence should not be an extra thing.

Reflection on the day - 
I loved talking about learning theory and research this morning, and how Tony tried to get us to change our mindset towards appraisal. 
The system itself is well-designed, however I do feel that I will be doubling up a little bit because I currently document in this way on my blog already. I will end up copying from my blog and pasting it into InterLEAD.

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