Thursday 22 March 2018

#CoLweeklyupdate (T1W82018)

Here is my #CoLweeklyupdate for Week 8!

Next steps
If possible, I would like to..
  • do more academic reading about Autism, ODC, ADHD and Dyslexia - get the book my DP talked about and read it.
  • keep trying out the ear muffs, see if it is actually making a difference to learning or is it just a novelty.
  • try out strategies suggested by Donna.
  • do more small group focused teaching E.g. how to form a sentence, 
  • practice how to hold your tongue to make certain sounds (for Paul and the new girl) E.g. the 'th' in thought; you put your tongue between your teeth at the front of your mouth and sort of blow air out?. 

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