Friday 18 May 2018

CoL update (Term 2, Week 3)

This week we had a trip to Stardome observatory in One Tree Hill. It was for our inquiry topic, which is about space. I was very impressed with how Ryan and Kian were able to manage themselves in a new and exciting environment. 

Ryan - managing self

Ryan experienced some sensory issues at Stardome, particularly with the Planetarium part where we had to recline on chairs and watch a movie clip on a Domed ceiling, where the noise was projected loudly for all to hear. This was a bit much for Ryan, but he managed himself really well by staying close to a trusted adult and having a comfort blanket (i.e. the adults cardigan used as a blanket). When watching the clip became too much, he would roll onto his side and close his eyes until he felt better, then try watching a little bit again. This was awesome because I can't imagine how he would have perceived the movie/noise, but that he knew what to do to help him feel better and just did this by himself, was awesome. He was trying really hard to stay focused on the learning and at the end of the day could say something he had learnt which was awesome.

Kian  - managing self
For the most part, Kian managed himself well. He remembered who was in his group and stayed with them most of the time. There was a small hiccup where he spoke inappropriately to a parent helper, but he did apologise and after that was okay again. He was able to stay focused on whatever the task was for long periods of time, and was always physically where he needed to be. He is loving our inquiry topic and can explain things he understands in his own words which is awesome. He can make connections to other things he knows (something he has done, a word he knows) which is deepening his understanding. His learning is going really well.

Paul - relating to others/participating and contributing.
Paul was so excited to be somewhere new that he had never been before - he loves trips. He was so engaged in the learning and was absorbing everything he could. I think something I want to work on with him is asking questions when he doesn't understand something. As he is learning English, he sometimes doesn't have enough English to understand 100% of what is going on. For his own learning, it would be beneficial is he could ask someone to explain it to him in different words or simply to admit that he doesn't know so he can get help. 

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