Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Maths observation

Today Archana observed me taking maths with our class. 
I won't post the observation notes on here, but here is a summary.

Things I did well
"I liked the way you did number talks and warm up activity. You launched the problem and it was clearly worded for the students. You tried to use Talk Moves when students were sharing their mathematical thinking though the one that you used was mainly when students were repeating themselves."

Things to work on
Minimising talking during independent think time. 
(I can work on this by clearly stating my expectation of the noise level and behaviour before the students leave the mat, and praise them for working to my expectations throughout the think time). 

Leaving the students alone during independent think time - not prompting them.
(I can work on this by just looking at their work and not asking them questions about what they have written/drawn. If they ask me a question, I can tell them that we will talk about it later in whole class time). 

Having the WALT displayed and referring to it
(I can work on this by having the WALT written out on an A3 paper and putting it up everyday, rather than leaving the opportunity for me to forget to write it everyday. I also need to explain what it means and break down the words to ensure the students understand them.)

Pace of the lesson
(I can work on this by only doing 2 warm up questions with the squeezey boxes, and giving the students less time for the number talks. They have been doing this for a while now and don't need as much time as they used to.)

Modelling book
(I can work on this by having the question pre-written onto the modelling book and leaving it within my sights (not putting it to the side) so I remember to use it. I did take a clinic, but I did not the modelling book to record the groups thinking)

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