Friday, 1 April 2016

Digital Immersion (day 8)

Today in our digital immersion, we collaborated on a current events site, that when it is finished, will be gifted to the teachers of Manaiakalani for them to use, and to use a template as well.

This is our site.

As you can see, each section is a different current event, designed around a different group of learners/learning age.

This is my page - be sure to scroll down!

At a surface level, I have created my learning based around the changing of China's one child policy. Although this is not a current event in April 2016, I felt that it was an interesting enough of a story and had enough meaty content that I could relate to my learners, so I chose it anyway. I have included a full weeks worth of planning, learning outcomes and success criteria, and all the resources you would need to complete this study down the bottom of the page. 

At a deeper level, unseen from the naked eye, is the cementing of my own knowledge by using HTML code to create this page. I also used tables to structure my content, and then had to revise how to make the borders invisible, change sizes of cells, merge cells, add rows, add colour to cells etc.  None of the formatting on that page is pre-made, I created it myself.

I am quite proud of this site, as it not only cemented my own knowledge and challenged my HTML abilities, but is now a resource I can use in my school and class, and others can use as well.

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