Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Critical buddies (2)

Today we are sharing another video of our teaching and getting critical feedback from our peers.

In this video I used my place value counters and tried to get the students to move from using materials (what they have done before) to doing the thinking in their head or on paper.

Some were not ready for this step which is fine.

Here is my feedback from my peers.

What we liked...

  • Mixture of target and non-target learners. Creating a supportive environment for the group.
  • Repetitive questioning till children explain their working in full. Encourages children to get used to sharing their methods of working out
  • Great use of language ‘exchange’
  • “Is that what you are saying?” - awesome trying to encourage re-wording and talk moves.
  • Using talk moves “Who agrees? Why do you agree?”
  • Getting the ‘shy’ students to share their learning is awesome. 
  • I love your use of the whiteboard and small cards - you have really taken on board using materials to support and scaffold your students learning. 
  • Good to see you revising what you did in week 1 and 2
  • Encouraging students to explain their thinking
  • Good to see you using splitting of numbers
Things to take away..
  • Providing more questions for the learners who haven’t yet reached the same level of thinking as the others. While the other learners work out the other sums, T can focus closer on these learners.


  • Could have the students try to explain it to one another.

My reflection
I think this lesson was not the best work the students could have done. We did a lot of place value add/sub in the first three weeks of school, and have not visited it much since then. They have forgotten ALOT..
I also noticed the same thing while doing GLOSS testing last week, where all but one student had forgotten how to find 1/4 of a number, or even discuss what fractions were. This happened with ratios as well. I know that if they had a one off lesson on these topics they would remember it, but I couldn't teach them that during a test.

Next term I want to do 'maintenance Monday', where every Monday we practice skills or knowledge we already know, hence to maintain the knowledge. Then Tuesday-Friday will be the new math for the week. This will help students not to forget things they already know. 

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