Friday, 21 April 2017

GAFE Summit (Auckland, April 2017)

Although it is the school holidays, I have endeavoured to continue challenging myself professionally and attend the GAFE Summit.  GAFE is a HUGE part of what my life as a teacher involves, and also where I see myself in some kind of leadership role in the near future (hopefully!). 

As well as attending sessions, I also presented at this conference as well.
I was very nervous and a little thrown by technical difficulties at the beginning (i.e. can't connect through HDMI, get an adapter, computer wont recognise its plugged in, borrow somebody else's Chromebook, strained internet), but I carried on and the presentation went well. 
I definitely think I will only get better and more confident each time I try to present, so I will persevere! 

Click here to read through my notes from this conference.
Check out photos from the summit here.

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  1. Congratulations on presenting Ashley, am sure it went well! Great example of determination to share with your kids when you're back at school!


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