Thursday, 13 April 2017

End of term 1!

Today marks the end of term 1 2017. 
What an 11 weeks it has been! 

I have worked my butt off to make my classroom safe, exciting and a place where students want to be. I think I have done this well, as my students often tell me how happy they are to come to school, how cool (insert learning topic here) was, or how much I am a cool teacher because I make it fun.

I asked my students to complete an end of term survey as a form of reflection for both them and I, the same as I did last year (read here, here and here)

Click here to read their full answers. Note that I have hidden their email addresses and other personal information for their protection. 

There are some gems that I just am so happy to see about my practice and the classroom culture - (highlighted in yellow when you open the link).

I have also marked some boxes in orange - these responses show that the student had learnt what their goal was for that subject, e.g. one of the reading goals was to summarise information, and a couple people said that was what they learnt. Success!

I also have marked a few in light purple, because I am just so delighted that these students said their favourite thing to learn was maths! Maths! Of all topics, this is usually the one kids hate the most because they think they aren't good at it and can't do it. Well, not in my class.. 

I have an had an amazing start to the year, and although this break is definitely needed, I am already looking forward to next term and all the exciting things we will be doing.

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