Thursday, 31 May 2018

CoL Meeting - 31st May 2018

Our goals haven't changed since 1999, because we still have students coming into and through our schools that have the same problems as back then.

Slide 5 is awesome. The educational version of Te Whare Tapa Wha. 

This means for teachers..

If our kids don't want to improve, we have a problem. 
Teachers and students need to built evaluative capacity.

"We have to get them hungry to get pushed to the edge" - Jannie.

For students who put in 30% effort and aren't intrinsically motivated, teachers tend to do the other 70% with or without realising it. Rather, they should be examining their own teaching - "am I setting up optimal conditions for learning, to encourage instrinsic motivation?"

Don't blame the kids for their achievement. Teachers "who evaluate their learning in the light of the success of their students learning". 

Jannie's presentation

Knowledge carries language, language is carried by knowledge.

It isn't enough to have 'language' going on, its about increasing the levels of complexity for the learners. 

Elaborative responses - 

Somebody comments about what a 2nd person is wearing, saying they are wearing something that doesn't 'match'. 
You could reply by 

but... is that adding to the complexity of thinking?
It could have been talking about textures/fabrics/patterns and the purposeful decision to be different with design.

You should have...
Structural lift
Vocabulary lift
Concept knowledge
Thinking and meaning

These responses should
- pick up message and meaning AND
- add new words, new ideas or develop the first idea that was said. (this is the GIFTING of language).

Student awareness

Do students know why we do think pair share? Do they understand the pedagogical intent about it? 
Students need to be able to have elaborate responses.
Need to understand that they are co-contributors.

Don't hurry to reply to kids, and don't just ask them questions. Think, and reply with an elaborative response. Try to add value, not just repeat or say 'good job'.

Adults always reply about themselves. 
E.g. Person 1: "I love my dog he's so cute"
Person 2 "I'm allergic to dogs"
But... that isn't valuing what person 1 said..

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