Friday, 1 June 2018

CoL update (Term 2, Week 5)

This week was A LOT of testing. It takes a lot of brain power to sit through an hours test everyday, but all 3 did really well. We also had buddy time this week. Kian and Paul love buddy time as they get to work and hang out with the little kids, however it is overwhelming for Ryan to be in a small room with that many people and that much noise so he tends to remove himself from the situation. 

Kian  - managing self
I was impressed with Kian's writing sample/test from this week. He uses voice typing to record his ideas as it works better for him. This is what he wrote - 
"Water pollution.
If soaps run down your car and goes inside to the drain and that comes out of the Jane you know where is upper end up in the sea and it kills the fish and then when we go fishing we can't eat any fish because the fish has been poisonous and we don't want to hear poisonous we want to stay healthy.
Did you know when you smoke a the NZ the factories and Bill her hotels and motorbikes and Shops.
If there is too much pollution the world could crack.
If there is too many rubbish in the sea that animals in the sea could die and then when we go fishing we won't be able to catch some fish because the fisheries will be dead because of us not putting our plastic bags and rubbish in the bin.
We can use home bags and school bags but not plastic bags because they can rip when you carry big stuff so you can be you you can reuse school bags in there and you can fit more you can fit big stuff in there and now.
When you go shopping make sure you bring your home bags and then you can put big stuff in it and more stuff in it instead of using plastic bags cause when you go again heavy stuff I can rap so bring your home bag and then you don't have to feel stressed when it rips in there ok.
Holmberg Subway you better than plastic bags because you can carry a big and heavy stuff and you can fit more stuff in there so bring your home bag don't use it past the bag plastic bags can rip and you can't fit them much stuff into unless you have heaps of blaster bass but we don't want heaps of plastic bags we want our home bags.

when you chuck away clothes and toys and blasting stuff you can reuse and when you go to the junkyard you can find stuff and we use it and that if you work there you can like get some toys and bring it home kids and get clothes for them you can get heaps of stuff and the junk out and can we use it.
Is trash with into the sea and the sea creatures eat it or they would die and that would not be good good then there would be no sea creatures and we couldn't like catch fish all that and we won't be able to eat it anymore so there would be no more seafood that would be so sad because we wouldn't be able to have seafood any more so who should check our rubbish in the bin and then I'll get taken to the dump and then people that work there might grab the toys in that like it did it fully broken they can take them home and we use them and to pretty packed place with Weber so you can check out Blastoise clothes I'm school bags heaps of broken stuff and paper pipes broken pipes a broken doors and broken glass.
You can't recycle plastic bags.
When you leave rubbish on the ground it can get washed away in the rain into the drain and then it will lead out to the ocean and then fishies my eat it and that would be not good.
Can you recycle cars because I don't know so I'm just going to say when you recycle cars they get crushed the pieces but you can not reuse them but they'll be flattened from this machine in a question and take them out and then you had to leave them on the you would have to stick them up."

For him, this is awesome. He even put a break in the middle where he changed topics. He has learnt so much and can show he knows it.

Paul and Ryan
Paul and Ryan were in the same reading group this week (I have changed the reading groups again...) and both tried really hard to participate. Paul couldn't read the text independently, but listened as a friend read it aloud. Ryan is able to read at this level independently. 
They both could talk about the story, which was about rockets and how they have changed over time.
They then went away and completed their follow up task. Awesome! 
Ryan has actively participated in group situations very few times, but when he does he's very active. Paul is still learning how to be part of a group, but tries his best. 

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