Friday, 22 June 2018

CoL update (Term 2, Week 8)

Ryan - managing self

Ryan is working really hard to be a leader for the Kapa Haka group. At first he didn't want to go, but after the first few sessions he was hooked. With his new strategy, he able to stay focused for long periods of time, particularly in Kapa Haka when there is no netbook or other things to distract him. He comes back from Kapa Haka and practices his chant, and shows a streak of passion that I haven't seen before. He loves it. The other students in the class acknowledge him for being a good leader and he loves the praise he gets from them.

Kian - managing self
Paul - relating to others/participating and contributing.

For Kian and Paul, I reintroduced a daily reading goal which they have used before. I designed it last year. It is loosely based on the Daily 5, but a bit more mature and independently based. Students take their piece of paper, as below, select a buddy to help them, and complete their reading tasks for the day. They have to read 2 stories to their buddies, get their buddy to read 2 stories to them, and practice some spelling words (high frequency words). This is both beneficial for their learning, as they are getting targeted reading and spelling practice, AND their social independence. They must choose a buddy who will actually help them, not just play around. 99% of the time they do this really well, and get lots of reading done each day. Some days I choose the books for them, (because they might not be choosing challenging books), or sometimes they choose themselves.

We also updated our vocab flash card game with words from the new books they got this week.

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