Friday, 21 September 2018

CoL Update (Term 3, Week 9)

This week I started testing Paul and Kian again on PM Benchmark/PROBE.

End Term 3
Kian6 - 7 YRSLevel 15
PaulLevel 24
V**Level 23

Paul and V have moved up to silver and Kian has moved up to Level 15 (his last test was level 12!). Kian has been at this level before but slid backwards over the school holidays. I really need to maintain his daily reading to keep him here, I don't want him to slip backwards again as he and I both work so hard to move up levels. 

Ryan didn't pass the PROBE I gave him so I need to retest him.

Paul's story -
On Monday 17th September 2018 room 7 did a special activity called Yoga challenge. 

Miss Ashley told us to get into buddies. My buddy was Timote. Miss Ashley showed us photos then we have to copy it .The first one was easy because you just have to sit down and hold hands and lean back. The next one you have to stand up and put your one leg to the front and put your other leg at the side and use your arm to make a heart .

Look at that introduction! It has who, when and what in it. Then in his first paragraph, the ideas are in order, he remembered full stops and capita letters for names by himself, he tried to explain what he was doing and you can kind of figure it out. Great!

Kian's story -
when I got to school in the morning I came up to the classroom and I hanged my bag up on the hook and then I went over to Ms Ashley and gave my notice to her and then we did the role and then we had to move the chairs and tables away so then we had a broom to do yoga.

My favourite one was when we had to lean on each other my hardest one was when we had to put our legs on the ground and that other person had to put their head on my legs and  then we got to the last one which was that one that I just sent that was hard all the rest of them was a little bit easier for me but I did not like them that matcha cause I was a bit hard.“Are you ready?”

I reminded him to try and put dialogue (talking) in his story, and he has just put it at the end. That's okay, he tried. Again, the ideas are in order and there are mostly capital letters and full stops in the right place. As mentioned previously, using voice typing is amazing for him but sometimes he doesn't pick up the mistakes in it (e.g. 'we had a broom' instead of 'we had room'). Still need to work on checking.

This week we also did fun activities that the boys could be a part of. It was Paul's first experience with VR this week. At first he was a little apprehensive, especially after watching his friends scream and revolt when it was their turn to watch. He gave it a go and then as a class we wrote about what we saw. 
Kian is managing himself so well that others in the school are starting to notice and comment on it. His name never comes up in the staffroom or meetings like it used to, and he never gets in trouble. When I talked to him about it, he mentioned that I had said to him 'if you are good, then you won't get into trouble with Miss ****'. I don't know why that one time stuck, and the other thousand times I have said that to him didn't, but he is doing so well. 
During learning time he asks people to be his buddy and usually asks for my help when he gets stuck (yes, even that is a breakthrough). 

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